Trump to Host “Afro-Centric” Picnics

Trump Afro Centric outreach continus

Trump will host Afro-centric picnics as his popularity among African Americans continues to climb after Milwaukee Address

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump announced he will hold “Afro-Centric Picnics” throughout the country in September beginning Labor Day Weekend. The announcement follows on the heels of his successful speech addressing African Americans in Milwaukee.

“Crooked Hillary would like you to think she’s got the black vote wrapped up,” Trump said. “That is another Clintonian lie, I tell you. We are seeing significant gains among that crowd.”

Trump pointed toward his lifelong New York citizenship as the basis of his bond with the African American community.

“There were tons of black people in New York where I grew up, and I learned to like them early on,” Trump said. “And over the years, I employed countless African Americans giving them fantastic jobs at my resorts. While everyone else was hiring illegal Mexican immigrants, we were putting black folks to work.”

Trump said his intention in hosting Afro-Centric picnics was to break the growing black and white divide created by the Obama Administration over the past eight years. He added that food is the most powerful tool to tear down cultural walls.

“I am no stranger to hog-maws and chitlins, believe me,” Trump said. “Soul food is in my DNA. These picnics are going to be huge.”

“The media won’t cover the picnics, like they did with Obama’s so-called beer summit where he pretended to like white cops,” Trump continued. “But that’s not going to stop us from bonding over food and celebrating what unites us.”

Internet superstars Diamond and Silk will provide entertainment at the Afro-Centric picnics.

“These ladies are lovely,” said Trump. “They’ve been with us from the beginning and have consistently remained African Americans the whole time.”

A press release from the Trump campaign said that events will also include Get Out The Vote (GOTV) workshops. Participants will learn skills such as hosting inner city Trump barbecues, spamming Clinton’s social media venues, and how to vote for Trump in multiple precincts in states that lack voter ID laws.

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2 thoughts on “Trump to Host “Afro-Centric” Picnics

  1. well for those to young to remember here is how it was after the voting rights bill passed in 1965 as Donald is doing the same now. Candidates had picnics and food for minorities while using it to get their vote along with promises of jobs and even assuring integration but after the election well nothing happen and the candidate not seen until the need for a vote again with the same trick. Donald is good he hated minorities so much he refused to rent to them long after the civil rights bill had passed. He was so racist it took the Federal government to take him to court for him to follow the law. It is hard for Donald to fake it as just being around to many blacks really scares him. It was like that with Independent Senator Sanders who wanted the minority vote. Sander met with black Pastors and wow he could not wait to get away from so many black people. Donald is a born and raised deep racist and nothing will change that even lying to a person’s face wont work. Yes he did pay a few blacks because that is about all he can do.