Toomey Hit with Kathleen Kane Conjugal Visit Requests


Toomey kathy cane conjugal visit

Kathleen Kane, a recently convicted public official may be going to prison. And, according to reports, Kane may have company, but not the kind most would think.

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey’s office has been flooded with inquiries about conjugal visits with Kane since her conviction.

She was charged with perjury, false swearing, obstruction, official oppression, conspiracy, and wearing revealing attire distracting to male judges and jurors.

Kane was found guilty of all charges by a jury composed of several notable misogynists, Republican activists, and evangelicals.

“Folks from nearly every Pennsylvania county have been calling our offices asking how they can get on a conjugal visit list with Ms. Kane,” Toomey spokeswoman Sheila Ross told reporters. “Granted Ms. Kane is an attractive woman, but trying to get a romantic visit with her in a state prison is really baffling.”

Ross said the pace of calls has surprisingly increased in the weeks following Kane’s conviction.

“Senator Pat Toomey is very responsive to his constituents,” Ross said. “He has gone against his party a number of times to include supporting homosexual marriages. He supported Target’s move to allow men to choose whichever restroom they please. Most recently he supported the president in calling for the removal of “Under God” from the Pledge of the Allegiance. The Senator is committed to helping constituents in any nature involving state or federal issues.”

Individuals needing information about obtaining conjugal visits with Kathy Kane are asked to call Senator Toomey’s office at (610) 434-1444.

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