The Onion mocks Las Vegas slain – Satirist calls for apology

Just one day following the horrific slaying of scores of people by a deranged gunman, The Onion released several articles mocking the slayings. The Onion is the nation’s most recognized satirical news venue.

The October 2, 2017 edition of The Onion carried two disturbing “above the fold” articles:

NRA Says Mass Shootings Just The Unfortunate Price Of Protecting People’s Freedom To Commit Mass Shootings,” and, “‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens.”  The content of each is even more disturbing.

National blogger and satire author Kenny Kahn (Kilpatrick) is calling upon The Onion to retract the pieces and apologize for its “gross lack of judgment.”  Kahn manages a political satire blog called “RealClear Satire,” and is the author of Memoirs of a Nation Gone Nuts: A Satirical Review of Election 2016.


Steven Tyler Ken Kilpatrick

Satirist Kenny Kahn Kilpatrick shares hug with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler

“While the purpose of Satire is to convey an important, hidden message that often points out societal or political flaws that need to be corrected, The Onion went far over the line by using the victims of the Las Vegas rampage as fodder for a few laughs,” said Kahn. “The Onion needs to retract these articles and apologize for its careless misuse of satire.”

Kahn says he otherwise enjoys The Onion and in fact was encouraged by one of the magazine’s founders to write Memoirs of a Nation Gone Nuts.

“After connecting with Scott Dikkers through social media, he indicated he was familiar with my blog and suggested that I incorporate the Election 2016 material into a book, which I did,” said Kahn. “Prior to that, writing a book had not crossed my mind. I consider Scott a role model and mentor. I am glad he had no part in the October 2, 2017, Las Vegas articles.”

“There is no question satire must and should poke at topics that most people won’t touch,” Kahn said. “Nobody does it better than The Onion. But this time, the publication went too far and needs to apologize and get back to the business of decent indecency.”

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