Nancy Pelosi: “Trump won’t be President”

 Pelosi bets Trump won't be elected president

Former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi believes she can see the future.

On Kara Swisher’s “Recode” podcast, the California Democrat said, “You know what, it ain’t happening. Donald Trump is not going to be president of the United States. Take it to the bank. I guarantee it.”

Swisher asked Pelosi which bank she would recommend given that a number of financial institutions collapsed during Pelosi’s rule as House Speaker.

“You and I both know those failures were the result of Republican policies and the lack of transgendered bathrooms within banks,” Pelosi said.

Wiping a tear, Pelosi added, “I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard from constituents about being forced to go potty behind ATMs because of this.”

Turning the conversation back to the election, Pelosi said that all Republicans “are either sexists, bigots, or card carrying porn shop patrons.”

“Even before Trump came on the scene Congressional males like Speaker Ryan have long tolerated horrible statements… some of them worse than Donald Trump, without even commenting, because they get votes in conservative districts and backward states like Kentucky,” Pelosi continued.

Swisher asked the former House Speaker if her support for Clinton was based on the fact the candidate is a woman.

“Not at all,” Pelosi said. “You know, rumor has it Elizabeth Warren will be her running mate. Like most people, I have no clue if the senator is male or female. You can’t tell by looking at her. What really matters is that Trump is stopped.”

“You seem to be more anti-Trump than you are pro-Clinton, and I noticed you haven’t endorsed Hillary—why is that?” Swisher asked.

“Trusted sources close to the FBI investigation indicate Mrs. Clinton might be the presumptive arrestee,” she said. “Once she gets Warren on the ticket, however, I can make the endorsement as my bases will be covered.”

Moving from the candidate to the platform, Swisher asked Pelosi which of Mrs. Clinton’s policies she supports.

“I’m not sure—we have to elect Hillary to find out what’s in her policies,” Pelosi said.

Trump scoffed at Pelosi’s predication that he would not be elected.

“I think it’s safe to say the octogenarian’s crystal balls are dragging,” Trump said as he tweeted an insult about Elizabeth Warren while relieving himself behind a New York City ATM.

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