Sadiq Khan: “Fatwa on Donald Trump”

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London, U.K. – Sadiq Khan, London’s newly elected mayor, has issued a “fatwa” on Trump’s candidacy for the billionaire’s position on protecting America against Islamic terrorists.

Khan, whose historic win made him the first Muslim to be elected mayor of a major European city without violence, said he’s had it up to his turban with Trump’s “tirades against the peaceful loving Jihadists of Islam.”

Khan made the comments after Trump said he might consider exempting the new mayor from his proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States.

“Donald Trump is an ignorant infidel who has blasphemed the Most High Allah!” Khan said. “His ignorant view of Islamic Jihadists could make both our countries less safe. It risks alienating Muslims around the world and plays into the hands of women and Christians.”

Khan rejected Trump’s offer that he could be an exception to the proposed Muslim travel ban, saying: “This isn’t just about me — it’s about my friends, my family, my mom’s clerics and my daddy’s Imams, and everyone who uses both peace and violence to ensure Islamic diversity!”

Trump Mocks Sadiq Khan at Rally 

At a rally in Sissonville, West Virginia, Trump responded to Mayor Sadiq Khan’s remarks by displaying a parody on a PowerPoint screen as the Oak Ridge Boys led the audience of inbreds, good ole boys, and coal miners in laughter and song:

“London Bridge is blowing up,

Blowing up, blowing up,

London Bridge is blowing up,

My mayor’s crazy!

Blow it up with bombs in cars,

Bombs in cars, bombs in cars,

Blow it with bombs in cars,

My mayor’s crazy!

Terrorists will make it break,

Make it break, make it break,

Terrorists will make it break,

My mayor’s crazy!

London Bridge is blowing up,

Blowing up, blowing up,

My mayor’s crazy!

U.S. President Barack Obama “sides with Sadiq”

“I stand with Mayor Khan,” Mr. Obama said. “America is a nation of second chances. I have proudly pardoned a number of convicts because the people they killed are dead anyway. We should demonstrate the same compassion to repentant Islamic Jihadists who want to come to America. Terrorists who show remorse and are willing to apologize for their work deserve a new beginning. Furthermore, Jihadists who have not yet committed offenses against the United States or even France should in no way be prevented entry into our great country.”

Trump shrugged off Obama’s comments as hypocritical.

“The guy’s an uncircumcised Philistine,” Trump said. “Probably an Al Qaeda operative. But there is no question he’s a Muslim. I’m sure it’s on his birth certificate.”

Clinton Refrains from Commenting 

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would not issue a comment stating that as a woman the Koran forbade her from chiming in to remarks made by a Muslim holding political office.

Khan showed immediate appreciation to Clinton for her deference and respect.

“I’m with her!” he tweeted.

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