Clinton to Host “Afro-Centric” Picnics

Clinton Plans African American Picnics

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton announced she will host “Afro-Centric Picnics” throughout September. The announcement follows a New York Times report entitled “Young Blacks Voice Skepticism on Hillary Clinton, Worrying Democrats.”

“Trump is trying to make voters believe he’s gaining ground with African Americans,” Clinton said. “As Toni Morrison said, my husband was America’s first black president. It was Bill’s groundwork that enabled Barrack Obama, a young first-term senator to be elected president. The African American community remains thankful and loyal to Bill for being their first president. And they are prepared to express that gratitude by voting for me in droves on November 8.”

Another indicator that Clinton is losing momentum among African American voters is a series of articles by left leaning political analysts that her post-convention bounce has flattened. For example, recently ran an article penned by Nate Silver, political analyst and founder of, entitled “As Race Tightens, Don’t Assume Electoral College Saves Clinton.” The article says Clinton no longer has a clear path to the White House through traditional battleground states. Silver is renowned for his accuracy in predicting the outcomes of a number of major elections. After successfully calling the outcomes in 49 of the 50 states in the 2008 U.S. Presidential election, Silver was named one of The World’s 100 Most Influential People by Time. Although he relies on statistics to call the races he analyzes, Silver clearly leans far left.

Silver said social media has made polls unreliable as “an ungodly number of voters form opinions on headlines alone.”  He pointed to a recent article about Trump hosting such picnics. The article’s headline caused a huge uproar.

“People jumped to conclusions and posted outrageous comments simply over the headline,” Silver said. “Had they taken the time to read at least the first few paragraphs, they would have quickly discerned that the article was satire. Instead, they forwarded the piece through their social media accounts causing a proliferation of confusion and strife.”

“Such nonsensical behaviors cannot be factored into polls’ margins of errors, often leaving us with terribly skewed data,” Silver added. “This issue is so huge, Trump could be heading toward a landslide victory come November for all we know. Or Nate Silver, for that matter.”

Silver predicted that a similar number of people will fly off the handle over this satirical piece you are now reading as they did on the article on Trump. He added that if you actually read through this article to its finish, “you should be given the right to vote multiple times on Nov. 8.”

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