Clinton to Mormons: Trump is a Satanic Evangelical

Utah may decide who wins the White House

Utah may decide who wins the White House

Utah’s Mormons could determine who wins the White House, and Hillary Clinton has taken notice.

In an opinion piece, Clinton referred to Mitt Romney as the Mormons’ “spiritual mentor.” She suggested Mormons should follow his example and reject Donald Trump’s campaign of “satanic and sadistic values.”

“Trump’s status as a bigoted evangelical Christian is troubling,” Clinton said. “There is no question that if he is elected president, Utah will become a Mormon concentration camp.”

Clinton also pointed out she is the best candidate because of her record of keeping Jews from getting elected.

“I kept Bernie Sanders out of the White House,” Clinton said. “This is important because Jews reject Mormonism. For example, they do not choose Utah as a vacation destination point. I find that grossly offensive and intolerable.”

Clinton also lauded her record of tolerance for “faiths that aren’t hung up on a fictional saviors, shepherds and sheep.”

“Religious freedom defines us as a nation,” Clinton said. “Tales of a guy hanging on a cross who pops back to life in time for Sunday brunch, however don’t.”

Clinton called for reform that will “bring families and the LGBT community out of the shadows and keep children, priests, and parents together.” She also gave mention to her other family-focused issues. These include paternity leave for fathers who are tired of working and the right for Mormons to urinate in public.

During an interview on Salt Lake City’s K-Talk, Clinton was asked how she could call herself religiously tolerant given Bill Clinton killed scores of children when he ordered the demise of the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas in 1993.

Clinton asked the producer to cut to a commercial break as she needed “a bio break.” She reportedly failed to return to the studio after finishing her business in the lady’s room.

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