Clinton “Shocked and Appalled” by Weinstein Allegations


Hillary Clinton offered her thoughts about sexual assault allegations leveled against film producer and Democratic mega-donor Harvey Weinstein, saying his alleged behavior “cannot be tolerated.”

“I am shocked and appalled that any man these days would have the audacity to act male,” Clinton said at a recent press conference.  Wearing an orange pantsuit, the former Democratic presidential candidate was flanked by short-haired women with ugly plastic eyeglasses, sporting vagina-shaped hats, holding rainbow flags and Hillary 2020 signs.

“We fought so hard for LGBT rights in part so that men with testosterone-driven libidos can go find a bathroom stall and have at it with each other rather than victimize women with catcalls and whatnot,” Clinton continued.

“Weinstein’s behavior, as described by bimbos and ladies alike, cannot be tolerated,” Clinton said, bulging her eyes and shaking her head to look both angry and mean. “Their courage is critical in making men the inferior gender, particularly those who suffer from White Privilege.”

Clinton’s critics often point out that she voices her opinion about every headline to remain relevant. However, she was initially silent regarding Weinstein. She spoke up only after it came to light that Weinstein had given significant donations to Clinton’s presidential campaign as well as solicited her staff for back massages.

Between 1990-2016, the film producer bundled more than $1.4 million for Clinton’s campaigns and political action committees, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Weinstein donated more than $33,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund in 2016.

Earlier Tuesday, a former campaign manager for Obama’s 2008 presidential bid said it was “disappointing” that Weinstein got caught as rumors were mounting that Clinton is mulling another run against President Trump in 2020.

“The Clintons helped keep Weinstein’s shenanigans a secret throughout the campaign,” the former campaign manager said. “It’s a shame they couldn’t keep it buried until Clinton makes up her freaking mind about 2020. After publishing that long-winded rant that she calls a book, Hillary could use his money, that’s for sure.”

The unnamed former campaign manager went on to say he would grow back his mustache if President Trump were reelected.