LinkedIn User Profile Sparks Multi-Agency Investigation  



Unusual activity on an American businessman’s LinkedIn Profile has captured the attention of the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and the Matawan, NJ Police Department.

Daniel Mokross, a self-avowed serial entrepreneur and CEO of Eclipse Communications, an Internet startup that develops communication strategies for Internet startups that serve other Internet startups, sent a connection request to a Matawan Police Matron in November.  After reviewing Mokross’s profile, the Matron noticed something did not add up and immediately contacted her superior Detective Sergeant Danny O’Hara.

After reviewing the profile, O’Hara also became suspicious and opened a formal investigation. Because the connection request originated across state lines from Mokross’s virtual office in Radnor, Pennsylvania, O’Hara referred the case to the FBI.

While the FBI will neither confirm nor deny accepting the case or if O’Hara’s toupee disqualifies him from filing such claims, sources have confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is also investigating the matter. It is not clear if the FBI brought in DHS or if the agency is involved in a separate or unrelated case.

Someone on O’Hara’s bowling league spoke to us on the condition of anonymity for fear he would be forced to pick up his team’s bar tab for the rest of the season after each Thursday night game. The source said that the Matawan PD Matron became suspicious when she noticed that Mokross was not following Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jack Welch or Deepak Chopra just like every other self-labeled entrepreneur who have no chance of earning more than $37,500 per year.

“Right there’s enough to tell you that the guy’s a fake,” the source said. “And he didn’t use the words ‘utilize,’ ’bucket list’, or ‘deep dive’ anywhere throughout his profile. Nor did he claim he was passionate about his work. You got to watch out for thugs like this bozo or the next thing you know they’ll be running off with your pension money like that Ponzi-scheme Bernie Sanders guy.”

Calls to the Department of Homeland Security were not returned by press time.