U.S. House Impeaches Matt Lauer

matt lauer head shot

WASHINGTON — A deeply divided House of Representatives impeached Today Show anchor Matt Lauer Friday on charges of journalistic sexism.

Leading Democrats accused Lauer of posing tougher questions to Hillary Clinton during NBC’s recent “Commander-in-Chief Forum” than those he asked of Trump.

Lauer was also charged with “Obstruction of Pantsuits.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Lauer used that tactic to “paint a granny-like Betsy Ross image of Hillary.”

“There is no question that Lauer wanted the American people to see Hillary’s role as a matriarch on a rocking chair,” Pelosi said. “Lauer’s shaved head and Trump’s empty mind were working together like hand and glove.”

Lauer is the first American journalist in history to be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Lauer told reporters he was disappointed but not surprised by the House impeachment vote. He vowed to serve out the remaining two years in his contract.

“I was committed to seeking a quick bipartisan compromise, but that’s not how things work in Washington anymore,” Lauer said.

Following the votes, the Congressional Press Pool rode buses to Trump Towers and stood behind Lauer at a media event where the news anchor pledged to continue to fight and asked for national reconciliation.

“We need to move beyond reverse sexism and get on with the business of the country,” Lauer said. “For heaven’s sake, we’re trying to elect a president!”