Caitlyn Jenner wants to Transition back to a Man

Caitlyn Jenner

Bruce Jenner in 2010 and 2015 on cover of Vanity Fair

Caitlyn Jenner regrets transitioning from male to female. Citing trusted sources close to Jenner, Ian Halperin told The Wrap that he is considering switching back to a male “in the next couple years.”

Halperin said while doing research for his book “Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America’s Royal Family,” sources indicated Caitlyn Jenner began to rethink being a woman after suffering a prolonged yeast infection.

Not Easy Being a Girl 

The cost of being a woman also has Jenner miffed.

“You wouldn’t believe what I am spending on cosmetics, clothes, and panties,” Jenner confided in Halperin. “After crunching the numbers with my CPA, we decided that there would be substantial cost savings if I could grow my penis back.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Halperin if Jenner gave him permission to disclose his new sex change plans. Halperin answered, “a secret is something you tell one person at a time.”

Cooper announced a few years ago that he made the distinction of being the first openly gay newscaster with funny eyeglasses. During the interview, he told Halpern that he too was considering a sex change.

“One source told me Jenner has had whispers of ‘sex change regret,’ hinting he might go back to being Bruce,” Halperin told the entertainment website.

The biographer said Jenner has either got to be demon possessed or on the same medication that took Prince’s life as it’s not normal to hear whispers.

Caitlyn Jenner or Not – Still Digging the Ladies 

Apparently the 66-year-old Jenner still has some testosterone swimming through his veins as he is having thoughts of “getting out in the field and putting the mule in the stable.”

“Jenner still digs women and wants to meet a hot one,” Halperin stated. “I just think he wants to hump everyone, male or female.”

“Who is going to want a man whose boy parts became girl parts and back to boy parts again?” comedian Mike Myers asked. “I would imagine his thingy would become a bit stringy.”

Panic is the Major Motive 

The idea that Jenner has second thoughts over what goes on where the sun doesn’t shine is nothing new. When Jenner disgraced the cover of Vanity Fair, he described panic attacks following the transition.

“It ain’t easy living like I’m freaky, tell you honey how I feel,” Caitlyn Jenner said of his panic attacks. “However, I really prefer to call the attacks hissy fits. My children think it’s hysterical when I say that and it kind of calms me down.”

Jenner’s physician could not be reached by press time as he was under FBI interrogation for prescribing Prince medication.

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